The Custom CNC Laser. Updates to the Gantry.

Welcome back to the ongoing overview of my custom CNC laser project! If you’ve been following along, you know that this endeavor has been an interesting and time-consuming project full of innovation and problem-solving. In the latest chapter, I encountered a challenge with the gantry that required some creative solutions.

Originally, the gantry’s y-axis boasted a single cart for travel. But as the project was coming together and I added the z-axis travel, stepper motors, and the diode laser module, it quickly became clear that the weight was taking its toll. The gantry assembly started to present a huge problem of weight distribution.

In a stroke of engineering brilliance (if I do say so myself), I decided to give the gantry a makeover. By adding an extra cart to both sides, I managed to distribute the weight more evenly. The result? A better design and a gantry that can support the weight without unneeded tension on the carts and rails.

Of course, implementing this change wasn’t without its challenges. It required a reconstruction of the gantry assembly, which felt a bit like performing surgery on a robot. But hey, who doesn’t love a good DIY medical procedure now and then? (insert corny laugh to a dumb joke).

Now, as I inch closer to the finish line, my focus shifts to re-attaching all the gantry parts, installing the cable chain, and mounting the electrical components.

Soon, all of this will start coming together and the project will come to life. In the meantime, I will continue to document my progress and share my journey.

If you’re just joining the party, you can catch up on the previous chapters of this process by checking out my other blog posts.

And, because everything is better with pictures… here are some updated photos to the changes I’ve made.